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B #BuiltInBronzeville

15th October 2021

Celebrate the diverse Faces of Bronzeville

Building on the Legacy of Bronzeville

Bronzeville Lakefront is a world-class mega-development built for the people it serves. The diverse Faces of Bronzeville are a reflection of the vibrant personalities that make up the community. We wanted to allow our community to proudly represent the neighborhood that made them who they are on a local, national, and global stage.

That's why we've developed a creative campaign featuring the Faces of Bronzeville, which calls for everyone to be a part of Bronzeville's rich legacy and help realize the future promise of health, innovation, community, and opportunity that Bronzeville Lakefront brings.

We want everyone to be a part of something greater than themselves, to be a part of a vibrant community that knows where it comes from and knows where it's going.

Be a change-maker actively shaping the future you want to see.

B Real, B You

B #BuiltInBronzeville

#BuiltInBronzeville begins with Bronzeville

Our top priority is uplifting the community with over 76,000 new jobs, housing and transportation improvements, and a program that puts minority and local businesses first so we can build this legacy together. We will harness the heritage of Bronzeville to build a healthy and inclusive community for tomorrow by bringing 20% affordable housing, 9+ acres of green space, one new Metra stop at 31st street, and 105% renewable energy production annually to the neighborhood.⁠

Uplifting Bronzeville’s Own 

Any development can provide a storefront. Bronzeville Lakefront offers inclusion, empowerment, and a historic community ready to continue building its legacy. As Bronzeville Lakefront makes historic strides, the community is core to its success. From its inception, the development was designed hand-in-hand with the community and will become the economic engine that the South Side deserves by putting the community and minority-owned businesses first. 

The GRIT team is going beyond city and state requirements for contractor diversity with a commitment to achieve a 30% diversity target for Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) and a 10% diversity target for Women’s Business Enterprises (WBE). Above and beyond the commitment to achieve 30% MBE participation, the GRIT team has a record breaking goal of 65% minority participation overall. Supplier diversity is critical to inclusive growth and the GRIT team invites all certification levels, to include VBE (veteran businesses), DBE (disadvantaged businesses), and BEDP (differently abled businesses).

Investing in the Future Starts With the Present 

Compared to other mega-developments, Bronzeville Lakefront’s opportunity is unparalleled. With diverse community partners, $8.2 billion of economic impact, and long-term incentives, we will grow an equitable and healthy community into the future. In Phase 1 of the Bronzeville Lakefront development, an initial 13 acres will be transformed into a thriving health innovation hub, mixed-use commercial and community uses, a new streetscape, and a brand new park with the ultimate goal of creating the healthy community of the future.

Health. Innovation. Community.

Wondering “what’s the next Silicon Valley?” Bronzeville Lakefront’s commitment to innovation will foster a multicultural tech hub and propel Chicago into a global leader in technology, health, and sciences.

Upholding the vision of Michael Reese—who left funds in his will to open an innovative hospital for all people, regardless of creed, nationality, or race in 1878—the Bronzeville Innovation Center aims to redesign healthcare, making it more accessible to all on the same site in Bronzeville where that hospital once stood. ⁠⁠

⁠⁠The Sheba ARC (Accelerate, Redesign, Collaborate) model will be adopted in Chicago to promote collaborations with Illinois’ abundant trove of research institutions, biotechnology companies, and healthcare start-ups, thus accelerating advances toward health Equity. ⁠⁠