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Bronzeville Lakefront

Bronzeville Lakefront Phase One

15th June 2021

Building the world's most sustainable megadevelopment on the South Side of Chicago

Bronzeville’s Future's Looking Bright

We are committed to building the world's most sustainable megadevelopment on the South Side of Chicago while putting the neighborhood first using community-centered, regenerative design.  Our key partners—globally renowned Sheba Medical Center and economic-development firm Kaleidoscope Health Ventures—will drive health equity for all while cultivating a unique startup ecosystem and creating a Chicago life sciences hub at the Bronzeville Innovation Center. 

Our goal is to create transformational change with the Bronzeville Lakefront development through contributing 75,000 jobs with an $8.2 billion direct and indirect economic impact. The GRIT team is going beyond city and state requirements for contractor diversity by committing to achieve30% Minority Business Enterprise(MBE) contracting participation and 10% Women's Business Enterprise(WBE) contracting participation. Additionally, 10% of the new retail space is reserved for local businesses at 20% below market rate. Affordable housing is a national crisis and the GRIT team also plans to proactively support the community's housing needs with a 20% affordable housing commitment on-site.

What to Expect in Phase One

In Phase 1 of the Bronzeville Lakefront development which is scheduled to occur between 2021 and 2026, an initial 13 acres will be transformed into a thriving life science community; a mixed-use commercial, office, retail, and community space; and a new park with the ultimate goal of creating the healthy community of the future. See a full list of what to expect below:

  • $600 million investment in the first phase
  • 1.1 million square feet
  • Bronzeville Innovation Center - BIC (500,000 square feet)
  • Chicago ARC (anchor tenant of BIC, 50,000 square feet of offices and lab space)
  • Bronzeville Welcome & Community Center (40,000 square feet)
  • Singer Pavilion
  • Ground floor mixed-use (retail, office, etc.)
  • 31st Street Park
  • Adaptive reuse of the only remaining building from the original Michael Reese complex
  • Apartments and townhomes, including 200± units of Senior Housing
Bronzeville Lakefront development
bronzeville lakefront
Bronzeville Lakefront development
Bronzeville Lakefront has reserved 200,000+ square feet in mixed-use retail and office space overlooking natural gardens and beautiful views of the city. We are leasing 10% of the new commercial spaces at 20% below the market rate to facilitate the growth of local small businesses

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